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Autism & You

Recognizing and preparing for the challenges that autism can bring to your child can make all the difference in his or her development. The uniqueness of each individual with autism makes the experience of living with the condition different for each family.

Natural Ways to Care for Baby

During a baby’s first year, parents make many decisions regarding what is best for their baby, including how to care for common ailments that affect infants. Lately, many parents have been gravitating toward a more natural way to care for their children.

Potty Training Tips for Parents

Potty Training Tips for Parents

(Family Features) Learning to use the potty is a big deal for little kids – and their parents. While it’s definitely a time-consuming process with many ups and downs, it’s also a process that can be easier for everyone with a few simple strategies, the right equipment and new, on-the-go tools that help make potty training fun anytime, anywhere.

Five Tips to Get Kids Excited About Brushing

(Family Features) When it comes to getting your little one to brush his or her teeth, you may meet some resistance. Here are a few tips to help make the process easier for parent and child alike:

Good Parenting: Stop Losing It With Your Kids

Good Parenting: Stop Losing It With Your Kids
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